Duties of Church Hospitality Committee or Team

Julia Glass/ Leader

A common question I receive is What are some duties of the church hospitality team or committee?

I’ve put together a list of potential hospitality duties for your committee.

Your team might want to consider these as focus areas as you work on your church hospitality program.

Areas of focus or duties that a church hospitaliity team or welcome committee might cover

Your team members are the face of the Body of Christ to those God sends your way.

Your task is to help your guests feel the love of God by truly welcoming them into God’s house through friendly and authentically gracious service.

Not all churches will cover all areas of their church hospitality program with their team, but this list of functions of a church hospitality team might give you a framework to think on

General Duties of Church Hospitality Team

  • Oversee the working of all hospitality program and visitor care ministries.
  • Coordinate the activities that involve hospitality and care ministries.
  • Be alert to the needs of the church membership and ways to serve those needs.
  • Develop a mission and vision statement for your team, if that will help guide your ministry.

Area: The Welcome Experience for Church Visitors

Area: Help returning church visitors find ways to connect

  • Take care of repeat visitors
  • Develop processes for using the contact information
  • Implement system for contact after the first visit
  • Track visitors who make multiple visits
  • Audit your visitor to regular attender process to find out ways to make it better.
  • Care for new members
  • Work with pastoral leadership to develop a follow up gathering (e.g., meet the pastor).
  • Find ways to help your visitors to make new friends.

Area: Welcome Functions at Special Church Event

  • All areas of ministry requiring use of the church kitchen (Setup, serve, clean up)
  • Catering and Reception for installation of new pastors or great farewell of departing pastors
  • Prepare refreshments for church socials
  • Keep track of all supplies necessary for such events
  • Develop and maintain a written log of food quantities per number of people to develop a reasonable awareness of how much food is needed for functions
  • Train volunteers in the proper use of kitchen machinery (think food sanitation, cleanliness, health department issues etc).
  • Provide hospitality arrangements for visiting pastors, missionaries, and special invited guests

Area: Member Care

Some hospitality committees may include other areas of member care:

  • Arrange for meals for church families when needed (birth of baby, baby shower, death of loved one, health crisis).
  • Light house cleaning for shut-in members or elderly members who need assistance.
  • Transportation assistance for members who can’t drive themselves to appointments.
  • Gifts for Pastor / Staff appreciation days or Christmas.

I’ve seen several more church hospitality duty checklists that go far beyond this kind of general overview. They are specific to each individual church and the level of detail that each church wants. They get into item detail such as

  • Who orders the paper products and other supplies.
  • How to work with custodial staff in partnership with the Hospitality Team.
  • Who reports to who to keep people informed.
  • Processes for reimbursement and check writing duties.
  • Who’s in charge of cleaning up, locking up and other sorts of checklists.
  • How to schedule use of certain rooms and coordinate volunteers for those rooms.